Retractable Awnings & Window Awnings

Residents of North and South Carolina have the luxury of being able to enjoy their outdoor spaces anytime they want with just a single press of a button, thanks to the top-tier retractable awnings available at Betterliving! Awnings help add equity and curb appeal to your home or commercial space, protect you from harsh weather and other elements, allow customization, and provide you with the shade you need.

Retractable awnings provide homeowners with even more convenience when it comes to controlling their shade and privacy. These types of awnings can be easily retracted or extended with a remote, allowing users to control the level of shade they want without having to manually adjust them each time. Additionally, retractable awnings can be installed on the side of the house or in an area that may not have enough clearance for traditional types of awning cover.

At Betterliving, we have plenty of designs to match your home’s exterior and different types of materials to hold up through the toughest of weather. Now, you can continue to enjoy your water and soak up the sun on your terms. Call today for a free estimate and measurements. Our extremely professional awning contractors know how to measure, repair, and provide awning installations for your concrete patio. Call now for an estimate and free consultations!

Choose the best Betterliving Awning model for your home.

  • The Betterliving Awning is our most popular option to give you the most shade possible.
  • The Narrow Fit Awning provides shade in any tight space.
  • For those extra-large spaces, the Extra-Long Projection Awning gives you the shade that you need!
  • Window and Door Awnings are built to last and save energy by helping to keep the interior cooler.